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Women Objectification and Advertising: An Analysis of Sexually Objectified Portrayal of Women in Television Advertising in Pakistan


This paper tends to highlight the grievance of women's sexual objectification in television advertising in Pakistan. As Martha Nussbaum calls it "instrumentality" of women in mass media advertising for commercial purposes, this paper also attempted to address this concern. Based on the nature of this topic, beauty products advertisements were selected by dividing them into two categories. The time frame was limited and, seven most popular television channels were selected for data gathering purpose. Every observed television channel broadcasted a fair number of product advertisements which were carefully recorded and enlisted in their assigned category. The cross-tabulation method is used to display the frequency record of advertisements whereas; Chi-square test is applied to test the relationship between women sexual objection and television advertising. Results revealed that there is no significant relationship found between our postulated variables. However, several positive responses are also documented which means, media advertising particularly, television advertising in Pakistan does contain related content which promotes inequality and violates women rights in our society. Further, it is recommended that marketers and, advertisers should not exploit the image of women to gain their commercial interest. Rather, they should play their role to alter stereotypical convictions of society about roles of women without limiting perceptions about their intelligence and capabilities.

Sana Ali

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