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In Search of Perfect Happiness

Rudy Vitangcol*

Writer, Attitudinalist Training Center, NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines

*Corresponding Author:
Rudy Vitangcol
Writer, Attitudinalist Training Center
NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines
Tel: 0928-6942602; (02) 546-6314

Received Date: Mar 28, 2017; Accepted Date: Apr 02, 2017; Published Date: Apr 06, 2017

Copyright: © 2017 Vitangcol R. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Book Review

The book has got 190 pages within, using Lucida Sans font, size 16, proposed to be not too thick nor too thin, just enough for the hearts it aims to win.

The book talks of nothing but happiness, starting with defining ‘What’s Happiness,’ then moves to ‘The Twelve Truths of Happiness,’ followed by ‘What is Perfect Happiness?’ Perfect happiness is self-fulfillment, all started when you’ve found all you wanted, and went on as you pursue like they’re gems, till all are fulfilled to your heart’s content. But since man’s desire is insatiable, you may tend to be climbing up furthermore; although whether you do make it or not, happiness perfection is there all alright! It is not marked by ‘absence of worries,’ for worries do come in all their sundries. Neither is it marked by ‘great contentment,’ for they are breeders of future’s laments. Nor is it marked by ‘possession of wealth,’ yet missing in harmony and good health. Perfect happiness has all the basics: they are the-Money, Harmony, and Health. These Money, Health, and Harmony embrace. ‘The Three Pillars of Perfect Happiness.’ Truly, they are the HOLY TRINITY-one missing, happiness rendered empty. In ‘Money Pillar,’ book proves money’s life, if you’re dead in money, you’re dead in life! Truly, if you do want to stay alive, have ‘money’ or ‘someone’ to give you life. In ‘Health Pillar,’ book proves that health is life without it, what good’s all the wealth you’ve got.

As we strive hard to gain great wealth in life, forget not health-one we already have. In ‘Harmony Pillar,’ it too is life like being rich but with threats to your life. As no symphony without harmony, no happy life without serenity. ‘Harmony Section’ details relations between subordinates and superiors, husband and wife, parents and children, with colleagues and rest of neighbors and friends. But the ‘Three Pillars’ need a foundation; without it, the three pillars can’t be formed. And without the formation of these pillars, where can you then be- ‘joy quintessential’? And could there be a better foundation without it forget your aspirations than this most potent thing called ‘ATTITUDE,’ that is, have right mental outlook you should. If your career plan is the limousine, the right attitude is your gasoline. No gasoline, no limousine motion! No car motion, goodbye, destination! Attitude is the one and only key, the first and last step to your destiny. Master your outlook, lest it masters thee, and steal your Money, Health, and Harmony. Book bares ‘The Twelve Attitudes of Success,’ the best of which is happiness be shared. When done for glorification of God, man’s joy ushers in the kingdom of God. The book throws in more gems into the pan like the ‘Ten Perfect Blessings God Gave Man’ which often have been taken for granted, yet without them, life won’t even happen.

The book also brings to the readers’ heads ‘Twelve Realities Existing on Earth,’however we hate them, we can’t change them; if you want to be happy, accept them. The book closes when it summarizes. ‘The Twelve Bull’s-Eyes of Perfect Happiness., Each item aims to impact the spirit; here is the twelfth the book ended with it:

“Don’t give love so you be loved in return, lest it’s not love you gave but investment. Just give and give, love and love, help and help, God ever watching is your best return.” If the book interests you, email me; my intent is that I earn royalty.

The book’s targets are just everybody who seeks happiness and loves poetry. Oh, by the way, I am the book’s author; my name: Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol.

A Filipino by citizenship, in God’s eyes we are all but one spirit.

Thanks and God bless!

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