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Role of social media in contemporary issues
Research Article:  Global Media J
Facebook as a Safe Sphere: The Influence of Facebook Intergroup Communication on Reducing Islamophobia in the United States
Maisoon Osama Alsebaei
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Research Article:  Global Media J
Mapping Audience Perceptions of How Digital Media Impacts the Reception of News from Traditional Media Sources
Xolelwa Siyamthanda Dwesini and Mncedi Eddie Magade*
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Review Article:  Global Media J
Investigating the Participatory Role of Community Media in Enabling An Active Civil Society: A Review on a Case Study of Izwilethemba FM
Sindi Mbusi and Mncedi Eddie Magade*
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Mini Review:  Global Media J
Refugees Re-Settled in Small Towns: Will they Stay or will they Go?
Lise Herslund*
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Short Communication:  Global Media J
Journalism Education in Brazil
Afonso de Albuquerque* and Camila Quesada Tavares
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