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2022: Volume 20, Issue 52

Commentary:  Global Media Journal
Exposure and Content Preference of Online Television Streaming among University Students in North Central, Nigeria
Ugboaja S U*, Anorue L I, Okonkwo C P, Ayogu G O
Commentary:  Global Media Journal
University Scrutiny, Working Conditions, and Skill Development: A Critical Analysis of Unpaid Student Internships in Indian Media Industries
Rajeesh Kumar T. V*, Dr. S. Anand Lenin Vethanayagam
Expert Review:  Global Media Journal
Research of Infotainment in the Children's Segment of Television
Eleonora O. Tsurinaa1 *, Valentyna V. Kuryliakb2
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
Tik Tok and the possible perseverance of Cultural Imperialism
Nicolle Polanco*, Badillo Victoria Salazar Mayorga, Johanna Prince, Adrien Benel
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
Psychological Warfare and Innovation: A Constantly Evolving Combination
Williams Whitman*

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