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2003: Volume 2, Issue 2

Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Fraught with contradictions: The production, depiction, and consumption of women in a Venezuelan telenovela
Carolina Acosta-Alzuru
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Gender, Class and Suffering in the Argentinean Telenovela Milagros: An Italian Perspective
Giovanna P. De Negro
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
How fiction consumes serialized fiction: Radionovelas, telenovelas and contemporary Latin American narrative
Lidia Santos
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Hybridized, Glocalized and hecho en Mexico: Foreign Influences on Mexican TV Programming Since the 1950s
Andrew Paxman
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Language Difference in the Telenovela Trade
Kenton T. Wilkinson
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Novelas, Novelinhas, Noveloes: The Evolution of the (Tele)Novela in Brazil
Cacilda M. Rêgo
Research Article:  globalmediajournal
Telenovela and Gender in Brazil [i]
Heloisa Buarque de Almeida
Research Article:  globalmediajournal
The centrality of Telenovelas in Latin America's Everyday Life:Past Tendencies, Current Knowledge, and Future Research
Antonio C. La Pastina,Cacilda M. Rego,Joseph D. Straubhaar

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