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2023: Volume 21, Issue 62

Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Discussion of intangible Capitals in Mexico
Arturo Sanchez *, Javier Carreon Guillen,Cruz Garcia-Lirios
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Contrast a model of the coffee entrepreneurship in the Covid-19 era
Jose Marcos Bustos*, Francisco Morales , Gilberto Bermudez Ruiz, Arturo Sanchez, Cruz Garcia Lirios, Francisco Ruben, Hector Daniel Molina-Ruiz
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Exploratory factorial model of hydric conservation in the COVID-19 era
Jose Marcos*, Cruz Lirios
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
A Critical Analysis of Vulgar Language on OTT Platforms: A Systematic Review
Dr. Bharat Dhiman*
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Uses Gratification Approach Towards Media among Teenager; A survey on the perception of High school Students in Pakistan
Muhammad Naseem Anwar*, Mr. Mubashir Saeed, Mr. Zahir Ullah Khan, Ms. Maria Zia, Lareb Kanwal
Short Communication:  Global Media Journal
Entrepreneurship networks against COVID-19
Gilberto Ruiz*
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Use of New Media & Dialogic Strategy: Case Study of Selected State Government and Private Organizations in Nigeria
Oluwakemi E. AkerelePopoola*, lambe Kayode Mustapha, Agwu A. Ejem, Olanrewaju O.P Ajakaiye, Racheal Ojeka-John
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Ethical Issues and Challenges in Social Media: A Current Scenario
Dr. Bharat Dhiman*
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
Academic framing of computational representations in the virtual classroom during Covid-19
Juan Garza-Sanchez

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