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Use of New Media & Dialogic Strategy: Case Study of Selected State Government and Private Organizations in Nigeria


This is a comparison study that investigates the extent to which select private organization; United Bank for Africa (UBA) and government organization; Lagos State government in Nigeria use websites and Facebook dialogically to engage, build and sustain relationships with their publics. The study adopted a case study design and combination of qualitative and quantitative content analysis method to examine the presence and use of Kent and Taylor five dialogical principles in the organization-public relationship. Findings show that private organization incorporated more dialogical features and principles of dialogic loop on web and Facebook than government institution. Also, the private institution uses new media to build and sustain relationships with its public while government organization is more concerned with managing its reputation than sustaining and nurturing relationship with its publics as it has more contents on web and Facebook. Also, the government institution is lacking in dialogic loop and return visit.

Oluwakemi E. AkerelePopoola*, lambe Kayode Mustapha, Agwu A. Ejem, Olanrewaju O.P Ajakaiye, Racheal Ojeka-John

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