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Uses Gratification Approach Towards Media among Teenager; A survey on the perception of High school Students in Pakistan


This study explores how teenagers use various media platforms to obtain information and satisfy their needs. The research was conducted through a survey using a questionnaire to gather data from a stratified sample of respondents. The aim was to identify the preferred media platform, the reasons for media consumption, the time allocated for media consumption, and the proportion of students who own Android smartphones. The findings show that electronic media is the most frequently used platform by students, primarily for entertainment purposes like music, sports, dramas, and humor. During the daytime, print media is preferred, while social media is more popular during the wee hours of the night. The findings also revealed that students use electronic devices more for entertainment than for educational purposes. The majority of high school students use their electronic devices, including Android phones, and a significant proportion uses mobile phones at school. However, 31.1% of respondents lacked access to broadcast media for various reasons.

Muhammad Naseem Anwar*, Mr. Mubashir Saeed, Mr. Zahir Ullah Khan, Ms. Maria Zia, Lareb Kanwal

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