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Contrast a model of the coffee entrepreneurship in the Covid-19 era


The contrasting of the reflective and determining model of social entrepreneurship was the objective of this work. A cross-sectional, psychometric and correlational investigation was carried out with a selection of 100 coffee farmers affiliated to the microfinance program. Is observed a structure of five factors: representations, habitus, fields, capital, capabilities and enterprise that explained 54% of the total variance explained, although the research design limited findings local scenario, suggesting the inclusion of variables that the literature identifies Sociodemographic and socioeconomic variables to establish entrepreneurial profiles according to risk events; landslides, fires, droughts, floods, frosts or earthquakes.

Jose Marcos Bustos*, Francisco Morales , Gilberto Bermudez Ruiz, Arturo Sanchez, Cruz Garcia Lirios, Francisco Ruben, Hector Daniel Molina-Ruiz

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