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A Critical Analysis of Vulgar Language on OTT Platforms: A Systematic Review


There is a serious concern regarding framing rules and guidelines to regulate the content on OTT platforms that needs urgent attention. In the Current Scenario, the use of vulgar language in the public domain on OTT platforms needs to take seriously. Some OTT platforms heavenly use foul language, which is open to children that cause a huge psychological impact on them. The use of vulgar language, including profanity and bad words, has to be regulated strictly. Web series uses obscene, abusive words and foul language with excessive usage. This review paper highlights the excessive use of swear words, profane language, and vulgar expletives on OTT platforms. Keywords: OTT, Vulgar Language, Vulgar Expletives, Profane Language, Web Series.

Dr. Bharat Dhiman*

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