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Exploratory factorial model of hydric conservation in the COVID-19 era


Environmental education programs by assuming an intensive training of savings skills as the axis of solution to the scarcity of resources have focused on the optimization of public services. In this sense, the objective of the present work has been to observe the effects of an informative workshop in which the prevention and repair of leaks was promoted, as well as the saving of water through dosage and reuse. A quasi-experimental study was conducted with 316 intentionally selected intact subjects. The results show significant differences before and after the informative workshop. This is the case of the rainwater harvesting indicator, which was initially considered the indicator reflecting the factor, but after the workshop its value was reduced. In contrast, the maintenance of hydraulic installations revealed a domestic awareness of heritage conservation, although the segmentation of the informative workshop is recommended to corroborate latent relationships between water optimization and heritage conservation.

Jose Marcos*, Cruz Lirios

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