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2020: Volume 18, Issue 34

Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Press Representations of Internalized Violence of Suicide during the Greek "Crisis"
Cosas A Perakis
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Social Penetration of Egyptian Youth on Social Networking Sites between Conscious and Unconscious
Fedaa Mohamed and Amal El Sayed Draz
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
Writing as a Journey of Experience: Mocking Intellectual Narrative Expectations and the Notion of Narrative “Spectacles” Beyond Language and Syntax: A Review of my Perspective
Mncedi Eddie Magade
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
Social Media Mobilization and Political Activism in Egypt
Heba Elshahed
Case Series:  Global Media Journal
The Media and Conflict: Case Study Overview Reporting on the Kashmir Conflict between India and Pakistan
Rafael Hernández
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Effect of Design Elements for Social Media Ads on Consumer's Purchasing Decision
Kaled Moafa Ahmed
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Awareness and Attitude of Male Journalists in Lagos State towards Prostate Cancer Screening
Ojomo Olusegun, Ajasa Ayoola and Oriola Oluwakemi
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Hate Speech and Media Information Literacy in the Digital Age: A Case Study of 2018 Elections in Pakistan
Muhammad Furqan Rao
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
Perspectives on the Intercultural Communication Strategy between China and Islamic Countries along Belt and Road Initiative
Sidra Tariq Jamil
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Marketing Strategies Employed by a Selected Brewing House in the Greater Buffalo City Metropole
Bongani Mziba and Tshepo Tlapana
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Customer Loyalty with Cellphone Network Service Providers: A Comparative Analysis between Early and Late Stage Customers in East London, South Africa
Unami Mlilo and Tshepo Tlapana
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Assessing the Dimension of Romania's Public Diplomacy in China: "Treasures of Romania" in Beijing and Chengdu
Florina Lepadatu
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Role of Information Communication Technology in Social Time Displacement of University Students
Fahad Anis and Mahvish Fahad
Commentary:  Global Media Journal
ICTs and Juju are Two Sides of the Same Magical Coin, Says Nyamnjoh: How True?
Ochega Ataguba
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Chronology in Social Media: Linear Media and Non-linear Postings
Maja Tabea Jerrentrup

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