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Marketing Strategies Employed by a Selected Brewing House in the Greater Buffalo City Metropole


It is very much important for South African Breweries to make money in the alcohol business but at the same time it has a responsibility to be true and transparent to the customers with their marketing strategies and how they display people who have consumed their products in the adverts. The study aimed to understand the effects of the brewer’s marketing strategies. To fully understand all these effects, the researcher has conducted an exploratory survey consisted of a sample size of 20 respondents which reflected that most of the respondents are familiar with the products offered by SAB but they do not see it as a benefit of the marketing strategies as people will still consume alcohol irrespective of the level of advertising by the brewer. The literature revealed the consequences of individuals and families consuming alcohol in East London. As much as it is beneficial to the company in mention to have its adverts everywhere, it also has a negative effect on families with early adopters of brands and products because this means they reap the consequences of alcohol consumption. Recommendations were then made based on the findings of the survey, which is explained and interpreted graphically to give a clear understanding to the reader.

Bongani Mziba and Tshepo Tlapana

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