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Awareness and Attitude of Male Journalists in Lagos State towards Prostate Cancer Screening


Prostate Cancer is a health issue that is generating growing concerns globally. Awareness about the disease is necessary to create the right attitude among men towards screening as a diagnostic measure. This study assessed the awareness and attitude of male journalists in Lagos towards Prostate cancer screening. It adopted a crosssectional descriptive survey design with the use of a structured questionnaire to collect data from a total of 192 male journalists, purposively selected from six Lagosbased media houses. Statistical Analysis was done using SPSS version 23. Results showed that there was a high level of awareness of Prostate cancer among male journalists in Lagos but this did not lead to a positive attitude towards Prostate cancer screening among them. The authors recommended that policymakers should be deliberate at ensuring positive attitude towards Prostate cancer screening among, not just male journalists, but other professionals by making the screening process mandatory, free and biennial.

Ojomo Olusegun, Ajasa Ayoola and Oriola Oluwakemi

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