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Role of Information Communication Technology in Social Time Displacement of University Students


This is the era of technological revolution and it was believed that emergence of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) made communication process simple, easy and fast by converging all the function of other mediums. Keeping in view the importance and usage of ICTs the focus of underlying study is to explore the displacement effect of ICTs on students. Students of four Universities of Lahore were the sample of the study. Data has been collected by employing Survey method, whereas the concept of Time Displacement is set as theoretical ground for the study. Researcher analyzed the data and it was found that use of ICTs have some negative effect on the social structure of Pakistani society by highlighting that students spend more time on using ICTs instead of giving time to their families and friends as in terms of social time displacement by giving more time to technology than that of physical activities.

Fahad Anis and Mahvish Fahad

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