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2022: Volume 20, Issue 55

Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Prominence and Format of Covid-19 Reportage by the Media
Stella Oyeniran PhD*, Ifedayo Akinwalere PhD, Victoria Adegboye PhD, Abiola Sahid PhD
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Print Fashion Magazines and the Digital Native Generation
Mncedisi Mbombo*, Amukelani Muthambi
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
Viability Data in Government's Underlying Reactions to Coronavirus Pandemic: A Substance Examination of the Media Inclusion in Indonesia
Cherlas Danwin*
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
Digital Media Design Instruction in Relation To Media Integration
Vasiles Gragorious,* Dennis Herron
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
The Role of Academic Channels within the Motivating of Rural Ladies to Boost Social Unit Food Security
Azar Nafisi*

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