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Digital Media Design Instruction in Relation To Media Integration


The modern digital environment heavily integrates many media, making traditional education challenging. It has been challenging for the traditional classroom to meet educational demands, particularly in the pandemic setting. In order to address the demands of students' digital learning in the new era, this study intends to design a video teaching system for classroom teaching employing digital media technology in a media fusion environment. This study focuses on the examination of video teaching in the classroom and provides subtitles for classroom video assets to help students learn in dry teaching designs. For the objective of teaching design, this study combines digital media with other media in accordance with the media integration principle. The experimental findings of this study show that the segmentation of a video takes between 130 and 170 seconds, and that the segmentation accuracy is above 95% and up to 100% overall, demonstrating that the system's functional use in this study is satisfactory. The system's overall accuracy rate for adding subtitles is above 97%, and the highest rate is 100%, which amply demonstrates that it may offer useful support for learning.

Vasiles Gragorious,* Dennis Herron

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