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2020: Volume 18, Issue 35

Editor Note:  Global Media Journal
Editor Note: Global Media Journal
Manawwar Alam
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Digital Media Literacy: Social Media Use for News Consumption among Teenagers in Pakistan
Nosharwan Arbab Abbasi and Dianlin Huang
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Hashtags, Comment Threads and Re-tweets: The Emergence of Young Voices and Alternative Communicative Practices for Socio-Political Change at the Time of COVID-19 in South Africa
Mncedi Eddie Magade
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Social Media Usage Patterns amongst Small and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) in East London, South Africa
Tshepo Tlapana and Asemahle Dike
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Students Perception towards Technical Education and Vocational Training (TEVT) Colleges in the Greater Buffalo City Metropole
Tshepo Tlapana and Zinzani Myeki
Case Report:  Global Media Journal
Role of Public Relations in Crisis Management with the Coronavirus Crisis as an Example: A Case Study on the UAE
Amed Kamil
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Framing of Operation Zarb-e-Azb in English Dailies of Pakistan
Rubab Musarrat and Ghulam Shabir
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
The Effect of Social Media on Intercultural Adjustment
Atif Ur Rehman and Yue Hua Wu
Review Article:  Global Media Journal
"The Toad Wants to Eat the Swan?" A Study of Rural Female Chibo through Short Video Format on E-commerce Platforms in China
Lilin He
Research Article:  Global Media Journal
Elasticity - Income from Private Sector Demand for Presential Higher Education in Brazil
Alexandre Oliveira, Cristiane Heleodoro Cardoso, Daiane Rodrigues dos Santos, Ludmila Santana de Azevedo Matos and Waldemar Chagas

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