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Students Perception towards Technical Education and Vocational Training (TEVT) Colleges in the Greater Buffalo City Metropole


Perception plays a vital role in anything one should be interested to acquire. This research study aims at investigating the expectations and perceptions of students towards Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions at the Buffalo City Metro. The objectives of this study included assessing whether student’s choice when deciding to enroll at higher education institutions is influenced by their perceptions. Additionally, the study strives to investigate the marketing communication practices employed by the TVET Colleges that influence student decision thus contributing towards improving students’ perception towards TVET Colleges. For TVET Colleges, marketing communication plays a vital role in students’ recruitment. The findings of this study reveal that a majority of students would prefer a university rather than a TVET College as a higher education route. It was also noted that although that is the issue, majority students would go to TVETs as an alternative. Marketing communications of TVET Colleges need to be improved in order for students to change their perceptions and select TVETs well-informed.

Tshepo Tlapana and Zinzani Myeki

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