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Challenges Faced in Handling Website Promotion with Google Tools and Techniques


When we talk about Digital Platform, the first thing that strikes to our mind is Google and its tools and techniques. Digitization means Googlization of content, products and services electronically. Googling, as per the Oxford Dictionary connotes ‘searching information and content on internet with the help of search engine. SEO promotional activities are key factors for enhancing the reach of web vertical on Google by using a number of tools and techniques, rather all the methods of advanced search operation are applied to achieve high Com-score for making it successful. Most commonly faced challenges on Google promotion are discussed in the article to find solutions and tasks for those who are interested to research further in this context. Search Engine Optimization, however is widely used for the purpose but the practical glitches are understood only when the redressal of issues is taken up in relation to Posting and Browsing of stories, Updation of stories, tagging and meta-tagging, hyperlinking of stories, Google analytical data description, Google Algorithm and above all Google Traffic Promotion on the website.

Abinash Kumar Jha

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