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Cultural proximity, Diasporic Identities and popular symbolic capital: Taiwan cultural worker Qoing Yap's cultural production in the chinese media market


Using Taiwan cultural worker Qiong Yao's productions as a case study, this paper argues that cultural proximity is not the only critical element in the marketing cultural works popular within regional media market, The author argues that the whole process of cultural production is an articulation and all these related elements -- such as history, geopolitics, economy, mode of production and popular symbolic capital contribute to this articulation. Through the exploration of Qiong Yao's creative utilization of her complex diasporic identities and popular symbolic capital to support her successful carrier as a cultural worker. In terms of cultural proximity, this paper contends that it is a combination of both of existentialist "being" and contretivist "becoming" this paper grapples with the ambiguous nature of cultural proximity and disscusses how to successfully employ it in globalized cultural production

Shaochun cheng

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