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Hyperreality as a Theme and Technique in the Film Truman Show


Film is an upgraded version of book in this virtual age. Like in the literature, film started to talk about many issues and portray the real problems faced in the world. In the postmodern world there is no the truth it is just a perspective of different person. In a film, hyperreality is primarily a visual language as it works better with images in order to give a hyperreal experience to the audience. An Individual is taken to the hyperreal scenario by images which showcase his/her desires and needs. The study questions whether the world shown by the media is reel or real. It also attempts to find out the techniques used in the film “The Truman show”, which bring the hyperreal experience to the audience. The paper finds out the hyperreality used by media in the current age through the film “The Truman show”, which portrays the current situation of the real world.

Susee Bharathi T and Ajit I

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