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Internet-Behavior Typology and Characteristic Features: Cross-National Comparative Analysis


This study is aimed at identifying the main types of Internet-behavior and comparing their characteristics among the inhabitants of different countries. Respondents’ Internet-behavior typology is carried out based on the results of opinion polls that have been conducted in 13 World Internet Project member countries (China, Chile, Republic of Cyprus, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, UK, Uruguay and USA). This typology includes social clusters: "innovators", "traditionalists", "entertained", "pragmatic" and "disconnected". Settings of Internet intensity use and consumed content are quantitative and qualitative criteria for their differentiation. The research presents detailed characteristics of selected types of Internet behavior. Authors compare the proportion of their prevalence in each of studied countries, describe and define the specifics of determinism. Overall, the findings indicate that the characteristics of the national structure of types of Internet behaviors are driven both by levels of ICTs development and by social factors. Authors argue that national models, in which "innovators" and "pragmatists" dominate, are the most effective.

Bodovskaya E, Dombrovskaya A*, Gibaulin R, Kazachenko S and Batalina I

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