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Invitation to Information Sociology


While there have been substantial developments in the sociology of knowledge, technology, the internet and communication since the beginningof the 20th century, an information sociology remains underdeveloped with respect to both emerging societal changes and insights into older sociological problems. Centring on the notion of informational interactions, this paperexplores the way these interactions manifest in various levels of social phenomena and particularly investigates four of these levels: 1)information society: structural sustenanceas consequences of ideological ‘development’; 2) knowledge generation: the rise of personalized and epistemologicalknowledge;3) information experience: howcharacterizingtheinternet as ‘virtual’ has undesirable overtonesthat could obscure the sociological understanding of information technology and its relationship with network users; and 4) heterogeneous operationalization:the problem ofdiscrepancy of (orthodox) gametheory with empirical findings of human behaviour.It is hoped that this explorationcan providethe necessaryfocus in information sociology as to how information interactions characterize, sustain and transform social institutions and relationships.

Shing-Chung Jonathan Yam

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