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Mechanisms of Influence in Cross-Media Narration


The research is focused on the top-rated Ukrainian cross-media projects suggested to the Ukrainian audience in 2010-2015. The methodological approach includes description, comparison and expert assessment analysis in accordance with the principles of narrative studies and hermeneutics. As a result, the most effective platforms, technologies and types of narration are defined. It is shown, that all the popular Ukrainian cross-media projects are carried out within the framework of the world trend – united facilities of mobile telephony, Internet and television. The most effective form of the audience organization is gamification which can be evaluated in this case as a type of archaization, because the game is a more ancient form than culture. Interactive and game forms aimed at maximizing co-creation influences the consumer`s identity. Integrated full-plot campaigns save in the hermeneutic code the principle of enigma which is created with the help of cinematic effects and genre canons of mass culture. Among the most common tools of influence in cross-media, the following dominants are identified: mythology, detailed elaboration, accentuation, archaization, format, strengthening of the impact on emotions, making active the mechanisms of emotional contagion, crowd manipulation, suggestion (lat. suggestio). The research of the mechanisms of the influence in cross media narration arouses not only the question of the increasing efficiency of advertising and promotion. It also arouses the question of correspondence with ethical standards.

Svitlana Bezchotnikova

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