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Modeling Linguistic Communication in a Foreign Language Learning


One of the aspects of the theory of language acquisition and the theory of linguistic personality is the problem of teaching an adult personality a foreign language. In the development of this aspect, the research data on the biand multilingualism are taken into account. The article proposes a technique for describing the process of acquisition of a foreign language based on a communicative-cognitive model and the technology for foreign language teaching in the context of its functioning. The communicative-cognitive activity of a secondary linguistic personality is aimed at linguistic communication. A verbal conversation that occurs in the process of linguistic communication carries the activity, which is performed by speaking personalities – a subject of the communicative-cognitive activity and a subject of the teaching activity. This type of activity or speech activity of a speaking personality is considered in the context of a dialogue. The authors propose the typology of dialogues and the principles of modeling a linguistic communication for educational purposes. The communicative-cognitive activity of a secondary linguistic personality needs constant research and description as the study of this aspect helps to optimize and improve the process of foreign language acquisition.

Utebaliyeva GE, Yesbulatova RM and Kazmagambetova AS

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