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Mormon Church in Kazakhstan


The paper is aimed to analyze the service, religious doctrine, worship practices and church life of the Mormons’ Association in Kazakhstan. The findings are based on authors’ internal and external observations. Authors’ conclusions were received from the analysis of the research results of cult and non-cult style of life of the adepts of the Mormon Church in Kazakhstan. Mormons are the common representatives of new religious organizations in Kazakhstan. Their church is not public but they have a significant influence on their followers. This influence is reflected in the creation of comfortable psychological condition within the association, in the feeling of safety of members of the church, in mutual respect and understanding, in the satisfactory status of the association’s members in this social environment, in doctrines and religious practices, which provide conditions for self-realization. Furthermore, the paper reviews the first emergence, official registration, and dissemination of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the territory of Kazakhstan.

Altayeva NA, Zatov KA

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