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National Identity in the Print Media of Kazakhstan in the Late Soviet Period


This is the study of the role and position of the Kazakhstan periodicals in the formation and development of the Kazakh nation, forms, methods, approaches and principles of the republic’s press coverage of the issues of national identification and national identity in the last years of the USSR existence. The paper is based on such scientific principles as integrity, objectivity, generality, specificity and historicism. Contrastive-comparative, analytical-synthesizing and critical methods were used in the process of the study. It represents the first attempt of complete and systematic research of the Kazakh national identification and national identity issues press coverage in the print media of Kazakhstan in the Late Soviet Period. The theoretical provisions, conclusions and recommendations of the study may be used in further investigation of the issues of Mass Media theory and practice as well as the issues of improvement of the national policy, international relations and the role of press in development of the Kazakh national identification and national identity. The results of the study may contribute to activation of research interest to a series of issues of national periodicals development, and press coverage of various problems of the Kazakhstan state structure. Application of the paper materials may also assist journalists-practitioners in the coverage of the national policy challenges, development of new ideas and approaches in the coverage of the issues of nation building in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bekzhigit K Serdali, Seidulla Sadykov, Gabit A. Tuyakbayev, Gulmira S. Ashirbekova, Rimma S. Zhaxylykbaeva

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