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The Path of the Khoja Ahmet Yasawi in Kazakh and Turkish Minstrel Customs


Since our people have suffered under Russian colony nearly for about a century, we were remote from our history, literature, cultural heritage, and from religious beliefs, so we had to get education and knowledge within the framework of the Soviet Union and Communist ideology. Regaining the independence of Kazakhstan, new researches were conducted in fields of Kazakh history, beliefs, and culture based on real facts and documents reproduced by scientists on the literature review. “Cultural Heritage” project started in this area in Kazakhstan. The main objective of this project is to investigate our national culture, and historical facts; introducing our people and future generation, real facts of our cultural and civilized heritage. Nowadays, a lot of researches and studies have been made and are still ongoing due to this project. One of the most important areas in this study was to introduce the Master of Turkish world Ahmet Yasawi to the Kazakh nation. It is indeed a very strange case, because Khoja Ahmet Yasawi’s mausoleum is on Kazakhstan lands. He was buried in the city of Turkestan. However, it was impossible to introduce Khoja Ahmet Yasawi’s heritage due to the political regime of that century, and those who tried were also silenced by the government. As the wind of independence blew, our people felt relief more and more, and started the period of “Rebirth, revival”, put much effort towards continuing new kinship ties again that have been broken between brotherly Turkish states.

Turumbetova Z, Kerimbekova B, Soltanayeva Y, Daribayev S, Adilzhan A

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