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Why Do People Continue Using Facebook: An Empirical Study from the Perspectives of Technology Adoption and Social Contract


Online stalking, identity theft, and other privacy-related issues have become the major reasons that impede users from continuously using their Facebook accounts. To better understand how privacy risks, among other factors, have come into play, in terms of affecting users’ intention to continue using social networking sites, the present study applies three theories (i.e., the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology 2, social contract theory, and technology continuance theory) to develop a new model for Facebook use continuance. An online survey (N=450) was performed by administrating a random sampling method in January and February of 2014. Data analysis employing structural equation modeling (SEM) reveals the predictors (i.e., performance expectancy, hedonic motivation, trust, attitude, and satisfaction) accountable for the intention to continue using Facebook, with the entire model explaining 65% of the variance. Theoretical ramifications for future research and practical implications for social media companies and marketers are also discussed.

Chen-Wei Chang* and Fei Xue

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