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Activism for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Gender Perspective

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Feminist research on peace building in Bosnia and Herzegovina has focused on women’s peace activism, so broader efforts taken by mixed-gender civil society groups have largely remained invisible. This article aims to shed light on the joint peace-building efforts by a group of young women and men from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia who have crossed ethnic and gender borders with the aim of working together on long-term sustainable peace in the region. Through the use of multimedia and public seminars, as well as training offered to war veterans and young people from across the former Yugoslavia, Centar za nenasilnu akciju [Centre for Nonviolent Action] (CNA) has become an important voice in rebuilding peace in the region. The article emphasizes the importance of CNA’s work and offers an auto-ethnographical perspective that illustrates the author’s use of CNA materials in her teaching on gender, war and peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Australia.

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