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How to Make Money as a Social Media Manager? Platforms Prosperity in Iranian perspective of Media Economy and Technopreneurship? (Case Study: Instagram)

Hooman Qapchi, Ph.D*

Adjunct Professor in Media Management, University of Tehran, Iran

*Corresponding Author:
Hooman Qapchi, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor in Media Management, University of Tehran, Iran
E-mail: [email protected]

Received: 08-May-2022, Manuscript No. gmj-22-63123; Editor assigned: 10-May- 2022, PreQC No. gmj-22-63123 (PQ); Reviewed: 24-May-2022, QC No. gmj-22-63123; Revised: 29-May-2022, Manuscript No. gmj-22-63123(R); Published: 6-June-2022, DOI: 10.36648/1550-7521.20.51.306

Citation: Qapchi H (2022) How to Make Money as a Social Media Manager? Platforms Prosperity in Iranian perspective of Media Economy and Technopreneurship? (Case Study: Instagram). Global Media Journal, 20:51.

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Nowadays, most Iranian people consider Instagram as the best platform for Hidden employment as well as the easiest one to earn money online. Since a few years ago, only macro-celebrities were able to make that much money from cyberspace, especially by focusing on a specific platform like Instagram, but now the time has come for micro businesses and micro influencers. According to some official research centers, the income from advertising by Instagram influencers per year is about seven hundred to one thousand billion to man and the income of the top six hundred Iranian Instagram influencers is almost equal to the income of IRIB advertisements. More than two hundred & fifty thousand small businesses are also earning money this way. Now you may be wondering how it is possible to make money on social media as a so-called micro actor. To achieve this goal, first You should gain a clear perception of the reason why to work, how to use hash tags, how to create minimal visualizations to match the content hamburger, how to make proper network advertising, how to layout your posts and simultaneously you should be able to work with analytic tools for content and feedback analysis of Comments and Likes. If you are interested in above mentioned phrases, this article would be helpful to you to some extent.


Gender roles in groups; Group relationships; Small groups


Iranian Instagram Users post and repost nearly 600.000 Cases on a regular basis. Regarding the first half of the year 2021, Iranians have posted more than 95 million cases on their popular platform. Based on text mining From April to September 2021, Iranians in Instagram1:

• Social Issues 59%

• Fashion 23%

• Iranians on Instagram Follow a “Life Style”

• Cultural Issues 22.73%

• Music 18%

• Economic Issues 6.23%

• Car & Vehicles 33%

• Sports 6.21%

• Political Issues 3.67%

• Technological2.15%

Small businesses usually have five levels of growth

• Existence

• Survival

• Success

• Take-off

• Resource Maturity

Platforms Prosperity in Iranian perspective of Media Economy & Technopreneurship

Among different definitions of Media entrepreneurship, I found the sentences below more Precise and less Complex: “taking the risk to exploit opportunities (creation/ discovery) by the innovative use of (radical/incremental/imitative) resources (ownership/ control) with a view to transform an idea into activities to offer value (creation/delivery) in a media form (content/platform/ user data) that meets the need of a specific portion of market (businesses or consumers), either in an individual effort or by the creation of a new venture or the entrepreneurial managing of an existing organizational entity and to earn benefit (money/ attention/favorite behavior) from one of the sources that is willing to pay for (direct consumers, advertisers, data demanders or any customer of generated information of consumers) [1]. There would be no or low need to mention, to gain a better comprehension on this definition, you’d better take a look at the figure below (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Building Elements of Media Entrepreneurship (Khajeheian, 2017).

First Vision- general features of the virtual organizations

Why people engage more in virtual media rather than real world would be mostly because of general features of the virtual organizations

• Their ability to meet customer demands is high. They can return quickly.

• Employees do not have hierarchical titles.

• It is based on knowledge and expertise.

• They are capable of adaptation.

• There are no unnecessary processes. So, businesses focus on what they do best.

• They specialize in evaluating opportunities. They achieve high efficiency at low cost [2].

Second Vision Game Theory

Some Scholars believe that it’s been all like a game consisting of the special rules. Based on the Game Theory, they discuss that even “influencers’ pursuit of influence resembles a game constructed around “rules” encoded in algorithms. Within the “visibility game,” influencers’ interpretations of Instagram’s algorithmic architecture and the “game” more broadly—act as a lens through which to view and mechanize the rules of the game [3-6].

Third Vision Tips for Small businesses

According to Daniel Forman, few tips for small businesses on Instagram include 1. Open a business account 2. Fill your bio strategically 3. Use hash tags in your feeds 4. Implement Instagram stories 5. Consider suitable metrics 6. Upload high-quality videos and pictures 7. Post consistently

Fourth Vision Be Smart

Define the strategy goals and themes prior to posting on the social media.

Specific: Be specific in what you want to achieve. Do you want to raise awareness of your brand? Increase sales? Improve customer service? Strengthen loyalty?

Measurable: How will you know that your goal has been achieved? What analytics tools will you use to track your progress?

Achievable: Is your goal realistic? When you are just starting off, don’t aim too high at the risk of being deflated if you don’t hit your projected goal; getting really adept at all this stuff (particularly if you are approaching social media marketing seriously for the first time) takes a while. Relevant: Is your goal aligned with your company's mission, vision and values? Time Specific: When do you want to have achieved the goal by? To add a focus to your marketing, stick to one overarching goal at a time, e.g. "I want to increase traffic to our website by 15% in the next 3 months [6].

Fifth Vision Track and analyse your Instagram activity

While Instagram doesn’t have a native analytics tool, there are plenty of third-party options out there, both free and paid.

Favourites are Icon square ( a free analytics service that provides a variety of metrics for your Instagram account, including your Top 5 most-liked and followed photos, how often you use filters and which are your favourites, and your most engaged followers, as well as management tools like the ability to follow or unfollow users,

Like and comment on posts, and use Emoji in comments and ( a platform with both free and paid options that provides you with analytics and data to help you run Instagram campaigns and contests. A paid account provides you with enhanced filtering options for date, hash tags, locations, etc. Whichever you choose, sign in with your Instagram details and use the stats to monitor which of your Instagram activity best resonates with your audience, and use this as a basis for future content. (Macarthy, A. (2021) (Figure 2).


Figure 2: The follow for follow model on Instagram.

There are at least two possible explanations as to why following seems to be the most effective practice to instantly gain followers. First, Instagram user interface allows users to easily notice who their (new) followers are and enables users to easily react to that endorsement by following back [7] Second, to be noticed by others is a motivational factor on social media, particularly on Instagram [8, 9]. The findings suggest that following other users creates a more engaging reaction than liking and commenting on their posts.

Sixth Vision social media Habit

A recent Ohio state university research shows that A social media habit can be viewed from five levels of analysis: platform, device, interface, behavior, and motor [10, 11]. (Figure 3).


Figure 3: Levels of habit analysis.

Seventh Vision Content Strategy Burger

(Figure 4)


Figure 4: Seventh Vision Content Strategy Burger.


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