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Of Moral Positions and Nuclear War: Novelist Arundhati Roy as Peace Activist

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This study uses the theoretical framework of cosmopolitanism to study political dissent by feminist activist Arundhati Roy, post 1997, when India tested its nuclear capability. Though the essay focuses on Arundhati Roy as an important literary and media figure, it also examines Amitav Ghosh’s Countdown which serves as an equally powerful literary voice, a contrast to Roy’s work. In itself, Countdown, and the End of Imagination are important artifacts of peace activist research in a national and regional climate where most were liable to rejoice nuclear testing by India rather than to detract. End of Imagination marks the start of Roy’s post-Booker Prize career as an activist. Roy gains recognition as transnational feminist and continues to write and deliver speeches at significant global forums, therefore, her anti-nuclear essay is noteworthy and historic.

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