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Dr. Anirrban Ghosh*

Director School of Digital Media and Marketing at Symbiosis Skill and Professional University, Pune, India

*Corresponding Author:
Dr. Anirrban Ghosh
Director School of Digital Media and Marketing at Symbiosis Skill and Professional University, Pune, India
Received: 02-Mar-2023, Manuscript No. gmj-23-91599; Editor assigned: 04-Mar- 2023, PreQc No. gmj-23-91599; Reviewed: 20-Mar-2023, QC No. gmj-23-91599; Revised: 25-Mar-2023, Manuscript No. gmj-23-91599 (R); Published: 31-Mar-2023, DOI: 10.36648/1550-7521.21.61.358

Citation: Citation: Ghosh A (2023) The Impact of Marketing Communication on Product Development. Global Media Journal, 21:61.

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This research paper involves an effective understanding of the appropriate marketing communication processes regarding the product development stage. In this present era, most business processes require effective involvement of the marketing channels so that they can experience an effective impact on the people along with their perspectives. The requirements of the consumers need to analyze effectively so that it can enhance the profit-making processes by focusing on the product development process. It requires analysing several contexts of social media platforms so that innovative marketing strategies can frame shortly. It requires analysing the competitiveness in the overall market so that competitive strategies developed to enhance the quality of the product.



The concept of communication considered an effective vital tool in any segment of business research. It recognized as one of the versatile tools that help to sustain any kind of business organization in the context of an adverse environment [1]. This process viewed as effective based on the flow of the information exchanged between the parties of receiver and sender. This process refers to innovative solutions to business problems. Sometimes it observed that maintaining the communication standards based on several marketing strategies creates some ambiguities in the overall research process.

The process of prior research

Analysing several articles based on this research process, it observed that due to the aspect of globalization, most the business processes face severe issues to meet all of the demands of the customers for meeting their associated necessities [2]. It requires developing several strategies so that the framed policy of the business processes can attract several new segments of the associated customers that in turn develop an effective rate of the revenue standards in the overall economic domain.

Rationale of research

The main issue lies in expecting the effective rate of return based on the investment to the management and shareholders in their effective business processes. In most cases [3], it observed that the major concern lies in the perception of the management and the associated shareholders regarding the process of optimizing returns in the process of the profit and investment amount in the overall research process [4]. The main issue lies in gaining some significant growth in the sales target so that it can help in achieving effective revenue growth in the overall market process.

Analyzing the research methodology

Analyzing several research processes required for analysis in this research section. This process based on the processes of “Secondary Qualitative” which requires analysing several other research papers based on the same segment of marketing communication [5].

Thesis statement

The thesis statement comprises developing effective marketing strategies based on several communication standards so that it creates an effective understanding based on the requirements of the customers regarding the product development process.

A brief outline

It observed that business processes face several challenges in the context of several factors that include issues in the adequate financing, issues based on the income of the associated consumers, factors regarding the perceptions, along with the factor of absence regarding the basic facilities of business [3].


Type of the research

The overall research process includes the factor of consideration of several business processes based on an effective understanding of the marketing program related to the well-packaged [5]. It requires focusing on cost-effective marketing programs so that it creates effective benefits in the order to analyze suitable returns as compared to the capital invested in the product development process.

Process of data collection

This process requires collecting several important data based on the appropriate research processes so that it creates an effective understanding based on the product development process [22]. This process comprises “inclusion and exclusion criteria'' that enhance the understanding of the quality of the associated research process (Table 1).

Factors Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Year associated 2018 and after Before 2018
Data Sources Several articles and journals Others

Table 1. Inclusion and exclusion criteria.

In this research process, several articles and journals are required to analyze so that effective understanding enhances the quality of the overall research process. This process considered more effective as the overall research objectives can obtain based on the selected research processes [6, 7].

Data analysis process

This process comes in the actual processes after the end of the data collection processes in the overall aspects [8]. It requires analysing the collected materials in such a way so that it can increase the understanding based on the marketing communications. Communication processes considered as a process where several groups and people involved sharing their significant concerns regarding the framed objects. It observes that the overall communication process requires focusing on the inter-firm communication processes that considered one of the effective processes to enhance the aspect of the relationship in the overall process.

Description based on materials and tools

Understanding several articles and journals considers as most effective throughout the organizational processes so it considers effective to enhance the quality of the overall research process [24]. It noticed that the communication process strengthens the business aspect of the company so that the company can use it in its long-term analysis processes. Several secondary sources of data have considered in this research process so that an effective understanding of the research process done in this section.

The rationale of the research process

In the context of the business processes, it observed that the most effective requirements of several stakeholders related to the business processes lie in gaining an effective rate of return against the amount invested in the business processes. On the contrary, business processes also ensure to meet all the needs of several consumers in such a way so that the overall business process can experience an enhanced rate of profit in the overall research aspects [25]. Marketing processes can focus on maintaining the relationship with several customers to create effectiveness in the business standards. However, this processes not at all an easy task to accomplish in the overall process. Thus, it requires analysing all the business processes effectively so that it can create and maintain effective relationships throughout the business processes.

Results and Discussion

Effective marketing processes considered necessary in any stage of the business process along with the product development stage. It ensures economic growth related to the business processes. These processes also contribute to an effective stage in the aspect of enhancing the brand's reputation towards the whole world. On another aspect, it stated that brand awareness mainly depends on the effective rate of the marketing campaign. It requires focusing on creating the understanding of brand awareness among several consumers through the involvement of several marketing channels [6]. In the present era, most customers tend to act on the associated social media. Thus, it requires analysing several contexts of social media so that it creates the brand's impact on several virtual clients. It requires recruiting several experts based on the social media content so that it can enhance the effectiveness of the overall processes of the product development.

Communication processes generally employed in the group statements that require enhancing the overall aspects of the business processes. It requires the use of designated channels of the associated organizations so that it does not create any ambiguities in the overall processes of the product development [7]. These processes also effective to experience growth based on framed objectives of the overall company. Developing new products requires familiarizing the concept of the associated brand with the customers so that an effective understanding helps to attain the objectives of the company. The marketing challenges of social media considered as active channels to collect the feedback of the customer for further improvement. This process enhances the interest based on the associated brands [9]. The same also creates profit-maximization based on enhancing the reputation of the brand towards the associated customers (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Effectiveness of social media in product development.

It observed that these processes provide enhanced exposure to several business processes that automatically enhances the traffic in the associated social media. Thus, sales of the products also create profit-maximization shortly [27]. This process also serves in the process of creating several leads that automatically help to hence the target of the associated organizations [10-12].

It requires understanding every stage of the product development process so that the same is also required to create brand awareness among several public on the overall social media. It requires employing an effective strategy regarding the marketing mixes so that it also serves as an effective way in the overall development of the product. It observes that understanding the requirements of the associated customers is the most effective way so it can fulfil all the framed targets of the organization [13]. All the features of the products required to analyze effectively so that they can meet through effective marketing campaigns. Additionally, it requires focusing on several factors that include the understanding of the market, and place along with the strategies involved in the promotional factors [31]. Effective understanding of these factors helps to experience effective gains mashed on the features of the product.

On the contrary, utilizing the concept of the product mix serves as an effective step based on generating the product lines that also meet all the requirements of the associated customers [12]. Moreover, it requires focusing on some of the factors that include the pricing of the associated products, and the necessary features of the products. Thus, it requires a clear understanding based on the impact of the marketing as well as the product mix so that they can suitably utilize throughout the research processes. The concept of marketing mix includes the process of the overall marketing tactics whereas the product mix utilizes the concept of the variable products to all the customers. Effectiveness of the research process careers effective impact to analyze the competitiveness based on the brand of the developed product. It observed that modern innovative marketing enhances the sales target of the organization in an enhanced way that also enhances the competitiveness based on the market research. This process includes flexible ways in the marketing processes that require constant evaluation of several marketing processes [14]. This process requires the adoption process by most of the companies so that in case of urgent necessities it can change based on the proposed requirements.

It requires information about all the required changes in the business organization so that it serves as effective to experience effective business goals. In most the cases, it observed that several people unaware of the changes in the business processes create several issues in the processes of product delivery [30]. This process also creates delivery slippage in the product development life cycle. Thus, it requires the adoption of effective marketing channels so that it also effective for maintaining effective forms of communication. It requires focusing on the effectiveness of the product functionality so that it can create more value for the developed product. This process also serves as effective importance to gain attractiveness based on the requirements of the associated customers [10]. In several cases, these values make more aspects of competitiveness in the overall marketing domains. Based on the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the communicational processes requires an effective online presence of the associated organizations. It requires analysing the portals of the competitors in some cases so that a competitive target made to enhance the factor of profitmaximization [11].

It requires the adoption of effective modern marketing aspects in the overall marketing processes so that it involves several other aspects based on the product packaging, promotion of the developed product, along with the effective understanding of the place of the delivered product. It requires analysing the market effectively before launching any product. It requires ensuring the demand of the product in the market so that it can ensure effectiveness gain in the profit-maximization based on the associated company. Thus, the factor of creativity along with innovation creates a pathway to reach new heights to experience an effective rate of return in the amount invested in the overall business processes [32]. This process also requires maintaining the internal harmony in the marketing processes so that the productivity also enhanced throughout the product development stage [15].

The responsibility of several higher officials lies in developing several innovative marketing strategies at a well-packaged rate so that it serves as an effective remedy in the product-development stage. Thai processes also enhance the aspects of relationships with the suppliers and the customers in the same domain. Enhancing the relationship with all the stakeholders requires effective emphasis so that it can achieve the target based on the framed objectives of the overall company [29] (Figure 2).


Figure 2: Analyzing most influencer marketing channels.

In the above picture, it observed that Instagram considered one of the most lucrative online social media channels for any kind of public promotion [26]. Several YouTube videos create effective emphasis to attract several people regarding the portrayed brands based on the marketing aspect. It observed that several posts on the social media channels Instagram takes wide popularity of 78% rather than the content on the other social media channels. Analyzing the overall figures, it observed that several Facebook posts also gain effectiveness of almost 23% considered as low compared to the popularity of the previously mentioned online channels [16] (Figure 3).


Figure 3: Several steps of the product development process.

In the above figure, it observes that the overall product development process comprises several stages based on the product development processes that include the steps of idea generation, processes of validation of the PoC, steps involved to validate the idea, features involved in regarding the aspect of pre and post-launch of the product. It also observed that the process of testing the prototype requires effective involvement of the associated customers of almost “65%” in the overall aspect whereas the stage of pre-launch requires the involvement of “52%” [23].

In recent years, social media content gains effective familiarity rather than the processes based on the traditional offline methods. These processes enhance the process of instructiveness throughout several aspects of marketing [17]. The same also serves as an effective stage in case of experiencing investment in the long-term domains. This process involves the factors of the value proposition of the company, along with analysing the customer demographics (Figure 4).


Figure 4: Analyzing the numbers of online users in social media channels.

Analyzing the overall marketing aspects of the social media websites, it observed that the number of internet users has increased day by day. Based on the recent statistics, it observed that the number of internet users at the end of 2019 almost “4131 million” as compared to the statistics of the previous year’s [15]. Thus, all of these show that effective adoption of the marketing strategies leads to significant success in overall business processes. It requires implementing some of the innovative marketing processes based on the interactive videos on the social media platforms so that it can gain effective emphasis on these specific platforms. All of the processes create effective emphasis after the advent of “COVID-19" in several segments. In the present day, most of the processes require effective emphasis along with the effective presence of online content. People in this era, considered one of the most interactive ones rather than the people residing in the traditional aspects [18]. Thus, it requires the development of several interactive strategies through the effectiveness of the online medium that serves as the best fit in the overall aspect of the revenue growth.

Evaluating the several communication strategies based on the marketing processes requires demonstrating several segments of the product required to analyze the several understanding of the processes. It requires identifying the associated targeted market effectively so that the developed product creates effective popularity after the steps of launching on the overall marketing aspects [19]. This step also requires an effective understanding of the target customers along with the requirements of the overall aspect. Identifying several aspects of the USP of the products also requires enhancing brand recognition among several customers in the overall marketing segments [28]. It requires analysing the problem of the customers so that effective remedial steps taken based on the identified issues. It requires launching the product by analysing the effectiveness of the channels in several ways so that it creates an effective rate of emphasis on the development process. It requires implementing a constant monitoring process so that all the identified issues will solve in due process [20]. This process also necessary to analyze the taken feedback of the customers based on the developed products so that in case, if any loopholes identified mitigated in near future.

Based on analysing the overall context of the research processes, it observes that it creates several impacts in overall processes that include the formation of relationships between stakeholders, enhanced rate of demands between the public, along with the enacted rate of productivity in the overall domain. It observed that changing some of the distribution channels created an effective emphasis on experiencing the revenue pattern. It requires relying on several aspects of culture based on the factor of strategic planning so that it will create effectiveness in the profit-maximizing outputs [21]. It observed that entering into new market segments requires analysing the overall market effectively so that it can gain information based on the competitiveness of the associated market. Increasing the factor of public relations services as the best fit to estimate a high economic growth in the overall market. Focus on using the modern technologies also effective in this case so that the business process can compete with the peter forms in the industry based on the same domain [22, 23].


It concludes that the main aspects of marketing communication involve the effective identification process of the associate needs of the customers so that all of the issues can implement in the newly developed products in the targeted market. The requirements if the customers require real emphasis based on several marketing tools that include Marketing Mix, product mix in the involved marketing campaigns so that all of this can be utilized in the main aspects. It requires evolving effectiveness in the sales promotion so that it can enhance the relationship among several stakeholders in the whole group. It requires adopting effective popularity on the developed brand in the launched social media platforms so that this advantage enhances the quality of the business context to a high standard. It requires the adoption of integrated marketing communication processes in the overall domain of marketing.

Setting the marketing channels serves an effective role that finalizes based on the requirements of the products. It requires adopting email marketing, and social media marketing, along with effective advertising in direct as well as the indirect channels so that the launched products can experience effectiveness in due process.


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