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The Internet and Egypt’s National Development

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The information revolution is expected to have beneficial impacts on economies and society worldwide. It is further expected to stimulate economic growth, productivity provide new job opportunities and chances as well as offering social benefits that can potentially develop through an information society. The basis of this information revolution centers around technological advancements and at the forefront of this revolution is the explosive growth of computer networks and in particular the Internet. By the mid 1990’s much of the developed world’s leadership had begun to embrace the information society and lay down the infrastructure, rules and policies to help transform existing economic and social structures to implement a global information highway. Soon after by the turn of the century governments of less developed nations around the world were racing to harness the potentials offered by advanced technologies in national development. Following the analysis of the specific implications for the developing world, literature shows that there exists a consensus on the tremendous opportunity and potential contribution of information communication technologies to economic, social and political development and their potential to: transform developing countries into knowledge based societies.

This paper reports the results of a study that was conducted to examine the use of the Internet as a medium in the national development of Egypt. This examination identified the basic principles that have guided the use of the Internet in development as revealed in an extensive review of the available literature on the use of the Information Communication Technologies in development. These principles were then presented for validation through the judgments of scholars and experts in the field of communication and development in Egypt. The validations and perceptions of the experts can then be considered of significance when developing a national agenda in Egypt for the successful use of the Internet as a tool for development. It can also be a useful guide to development agencies currently involved in projects that utilize the Internet in development for Egypt

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