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The Student Skills and Active Management Learning Media

Salim Hassen*, Yehia El- Masad

Department of media American University in Cairo Egypt


*Corresponding Author:
Salim Hassen
Department of media American University in Cairo Egypt

Received: 1-Oct-2022, Manuscript No. gmj-22-77902; Editor assigned: 03-Oct-2022, Preqc No. gmj-22-77902; Reviewed: 17-Nov-2022, QC No. gmj-22-77902; Revised: 22-Oct-2022, Manuscript No. gmj-22-77902 (R); Published: 29-Oct-2022, DOI: 10.36648/1550-7521.20.56.333

Citation: Hassen A, El-Masad Y (2022) The Student Skills and Active Management Learning Media. Global Media Journal, 20:56.



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Objective: This analysis was aimed to develop and take a look at virtual realitybased learning media in rising active management skills of the third stage labor in midwifery students.

Methods: This study uses a analysis search an enquiry a quest a pursuit a probe an exploration groundwork a hunt research look} and Development (R&D) research style technique developed by Borg and Gall. The stages of this study consisted of; analysis of the wants of virtual reality-based learning media concerning active management of the third stage, designing of the event of educational media development, development of educational media, professional validation, oneon- one trials, little cluster trials, massive cluster trials, and therefore the final product of learning media.

Results: the share of educational media assessment mistreatment questionnaires within the professional validation check and huge cluster trials during this study showed the calculation of the results of the training media rating consistent with material consultants (86%) class is incredibly possible, consistent with media consultants scored (85%) terribly possible. The results of trials to students score (95.3%) so virtual reality-based learning media concerning active management of the third stage created square measure terribly possible to be used as learning media for midwifery students within the active management skills of scholars the third stage.

Conclusion: Virtual reality-based learning media concerning active management of the third stage labor square measure designed consistent with the wants of lecturers and students with additional features of bleeding warning, anatomy of placental physiology and are declared to be very suitable for use as learning media for midwifery students.


Media Learning Virtual reality; Communication; Media


Learning media in midwifery is one in every of the tools or physical means that utilized in the teaching and learning method to produce convenience. In midwifery education, students have to be compelled to improve clinical skills and observe simulation before the observe curve on to patients. this could scale back errors in providing midwifery care. so within the development of education, learning media will improve clinical skills that square measure additional sensible and might be seen unceasingly.

Learning media is predicted to be accustomed overcome numerous issues within the teaching and learning method, particularly on internal issues like student and teacher attitudes, outlook on life, pleasure, and feelings, not happiness.1, 2

Virtual reality could be a virtual simulation sometimes characterised by its immersive nature, third-dimensional characteristics, motion sensors, and devices soma to sense that applies the feeling of bit to human interaction with computers. This VR technology will gift a man-made world and take a look at things that aren't accessible in reality and gift them within the user's read. Computer game conjointly offers associate interactive setting that involves students and permits students to examine it.3, 4

Research conducted in Italian Republic, VR is being developed to be used as a medium for learning and stimulating vessel anatomy and physiology. Likewise, by victimisation virtual patients, students will interactively observe honing skills like effective communication, medical specialty interviews, and emergency simulations. Show interfaces that look real in a very VR setting will facilitate users target learning objectives instead of learning with a monitor susceptible to distraction with different learning resources, like gap sites or books.


Research sites

This analysis was conducted within the amount May–June 2020 conducted at the STIKes Salewangan Maros field. during this study, stages area unit consisting of; analysis of the requirements of virtual reality-based learning media concerning active management of the third stage, coming up with of tutorial media development style, development of tutorial media, knowledgeable validation, one-on-one trials, little cluster trials, giant cluster trials, and therefore the final product of learning media.

Research stages

Analysis of the needs of virtual reality-based learning media about active management in the third stage.

Researchers conducted a preliminary survey in several campus locations in Makassar and outside the city of Makassar related to problems that occur in the skills of semester IV students and found a lack of students’ ability to carry out practical management skills in the third stage. At this stage, the researcher gets the results of a survey of what happened at the Salwengan Maros STIKes by conducting interviews with lecturers and students about the third stage's active management skills, which is still lacking.

Design designing for developing virtual reality-based learning media regarding active management within the third stage

After analysing the issues and desires of scholars, the fundamental competencies which will be developed within the learning media area unit determined. Researchers designed the planning and options which will be displayed on video game learning media by exploitation book tips and literature on the third stage of birth care amid the assistance of specialists in data technology.

Development of virtual reality-based learning media regarding active management within the third stage

At this stage, the researchers developed the training media exploitation video game containing the steps of the third stage of active management that were developed in real video 360 and may be viewed in 3D by adding warning options and extra material within the anatomy and physiology of the placenta, together with writing, informative audio and multiple-image show.

Expert validation

The researcher conducted a validation consisting of 4 specialists, specifically one Media masterful and 3 Material masterful in virtual reality-based learning media relating to active management inside the third stage. The material masterful validation kind and IT masterful validation were adopted from the shape that was used within the study Aziz in 2015.

One-on-one trial

They were conducting one-on-one trials with midwifery lecturers WHO took three Askeb II (Childbirth) courses to induce input on explanations of fabric, steps within the management list stage III, features, and styles on the media by filling out questionnaires.

Small cluster trial

By conducting a little cluster trial with 10 students, virtual realitybased learning media were provided, and form validation was conducted by filling out questionnaires associated with the operate of VR-based learning media. The validity check results area unit used with the results.


Virtual reality-based learning media is tested for validity by stages 4 and 7 of the study. Table 2 shows the calculation of the results of the learning media rating according to material experts (86%), according to the media experts scored (85%), and the results of trials to students scored (95.3%). It can be concluded that the learning media is based on virtual reality about the active management of the third stage is very suitable to be used as one of the learning media in child care courses


Development of tutorial media with virtual simulations Active Management, the third stage labor, provides the simplest teaching and learning systems answer nowadays. This learning media contains info regarding correct and directed new-born care. FTO III is quick and precise, observance injury and early detection of danger signs at stage III. The VR learning media was created with the aim to enhance active management care skills on stage III and danger signs on stage III.


This study concludes that the virtual reality-based learning media concerning active management of the third stage is intended in step with the wants of lecturers and students. There area unit videos on new-born care, active management of the third stage, and hurt observation which will be seen in 3D, and there are a unit extra options of hurt warning, anatomy, and placental physiology which will increase student interest in learning. This media is asserted terribly possible to be used as a medium for learning midwifery students in vaginal birth care courses, particularly in active management learning at the third stage.

Conflicts of interest

The authors declare no conflict of interest


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