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A Review of the Media Impact on Public Policy Process in China: the Failure of "Traditional Media Framework" and the Absence of "Social Media Framework"


The times are in the midst of change. The media has gradually changed its social form through the gradual influence of policies. The impact of the traditional media on all stages of the public policy process has not yet been thoroughly analyzed. Social media has already launched a "color revolution" in the world and has influenced the "American election." In the face of change, the Chinese academic community has not been able to get rid of "path dependence" from the "traditional media" framework. This paper starts from the theory of public policy process, and uses frame analysis and comparative research methods to summarize the two reasons for the failure of the "traditional media" framework and the four shortcomings of the "social media" framework for the impact of media on the public policy process in China.

Yan Zhang, Tianyu Li, Kaining Chen, Kairan Dai

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