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Accessibility of various network platforms and how emotional communication happens in social media


Pervasive emotional expression in cyberspace has increased misgivings and brought challenges to governance. The circumstance medium of emotional communication can give further ideas to attack similar problems. This study proposed the “Arousal-Homophily-Echo” model with multi-dimensional features as a frame of fine- granulated exploration practice. The model divided Emotional Communication into three situations and we handed their delineations and measures. Also we creatively combined machine literacy and its interpretability to prognosticate and explain how emotional communication happens. The data of the online public discussion on a representative incident was used to fit the vaticination models, grounded on which we epitomized important features and anatomized their influences. The optimal vaticination models can be employed to estimate and cover extremity communication in cyberspace, while the specific influences of important factors can guide the intervention strategies to palliate adverse goods of emotional communication.

K Mahmoud*

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