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Adoption, Motivation and Patterns of Social Media Use among Women in Nigeria


The advent of digitisation which has ushered in the new and social media is providing opportunities for all to redefine and form their identities. Hence, across countries and cultures, new digital cultures are evolving, shading off repressive tendencies and giving voice to the voiceless. It is against this backdrop that this study “adoption, motivation and patterns of social media use among women in Nigeria” set out to assess the level at which women in Nigeria are digital compliant particularly in the use of social media, what motivates their presence in social media and the patterns of social media usage among them. Anchored on the Uses and Gratification as well as the Diffusion of Innovation Theories, the paper surveyed 384 females drawn from the six geo political zones of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. Data collected and analysed through descriptive and inferential statistics revealed an adoption and use of social media by females of all categories but especially the younger females. The study also showed that, in terms of motivation and patterns of use, younger females’ preference for social media lies in their need for popularity and self-identity, while the older females basically use social media for business and self-improvement. The paper in general concludes that, Nigerian women use of social media is not beneficial in terms of self and economic development

Peter Iorper Ugondo

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