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An Analysis of Freud Consciousness in Srimad Bhagwad Gita with a Special Reference to Yoga Sutra


Communication is the process of transmitting the information. Human relationships are formed, maintained, improved, and sometimes destroyed by communication. When viewed from the standpoint of psychology, we observe that the human mind can be divided into three sects of consciousness i.e., unconscious, subconscious, and conscious mind. They work together to help us comprehend and then reconstruct reality. The very first level is the unconscious mind which controls the staple affairs of the human body like breathing, heartbeat, reflexes, etc. It controls all reflexive functions without the need to think about it. The second level is the subconscious mind. This level contains all knowledge skills, experience, habits, beliefs, and attitudes towards life. Whatever fetch out from our life is assimilated in this level. The subconscious mind is an enabler or prohibitive depending on what we adopted as our attitude towards something. The third level of the human mind is the conscious mind. This is the analytical state of the mind which analyses, then finally integrates the unconscious and subconscious mind to interpret the meaning of reality. In this article, the researcher has attempted to show the relationship between these three states of mind that can be achieved by interpersonal communication with a proper reference to Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, composed across the time of the Gita, defines yoga as preventing the rippling and twisting of the thoughts resulting from diverse experiences and reminiscences that result in disconnection. The reference of the Indian Hindu manuscript Srimadbhagwad Gita has been adopted for this purpose where Lord Krishna professes Arjuna the meaning of ideal human life by explaining to him the three states of mind in his way via interpersonal communication.

Nitesh Sharma*

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