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An Empirical Investigation of Global Media Framing, COVID-19, and the Vaccination Debate


Background: This study looked at how the COVID-19 vaccine has been framed in international media. Understanding the possible impact of international media outlets as producers of health messages during pandemics required consideration of the framing and media dependency theories.

Methods: To produce qualitative and quantitative data to address the research topics, content analysis was performed. While the quantitative data included statistical information about the frequency, viewership level, and types of news frames on issues of vaccination for COVID-19, the qualitative data offered rich descriptive data about the themes and types of news frames on issues of vaccination for COVID-19.

Results: This study's findings demonstrated that conflict and responsibility frames were the most common ones used to report on COVID-19 vaccination-related difficulties. The results of this analysis also showed that the primary media focus on the COVID-19 vaccination problem was vaccine safety.

Conclusion: In both wealthy and developing nations, health communication is supplied by the worldwide media. This study suggested that a global information campaign be led by the media to dispel myths, falsehoods, and misinformation regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

Robert Goddard*, Maria Goeppert-Mayer

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