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Attitude towards the Usage of Electronic Information Resources by Television Media Professionals in Bengaluru


Television media is one the best media for information dissemination, entertainment, political, economic and cultural and other elites. In India television covers over 90% of India’s 1200 million people. By the nature of television professionals are information gatherers and information disseminators. This study aims to investigate the attitude towards the information needs and usage of Electronic Information Resources by Television Media Professionals working in various News, Spiritual and General Entertainment Channels at Bangalore. For this purpose researcher adopted survey method and well-structured questionnaire was distributed for media professionals to collect relevant data. Researcher distributed 710 questionnaire and 540 responses received back with 76.05% of response rate. The result of the study shows that 96.29% television media professionals use internet to access electronic information resource. It is explored from the data that Television media professionals well comfortable with usage of IT Applications like Search Engines, Email, Social Networks, Alert software and other tools. Television Media professionals prefer News, Entertainment, Educational, Political and other related information. Researcher suggests that some of the barriers like censorship, ICT tools to be overcome for fast dissemination of information.

Prasanna Kumara BM1 and Divyananda K2

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