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Audience Attitude Towards Satellite TV Program and Advertising in Bangladesh


The study investigates the audience attitude towards satellite TV programs and advertising in Bangladesh and also exams to the program preference of the audience. The study is descriptive in nature, to conduct the research, primary and secondary data sources of information were used. The study has been conducted among 505 respondents includes the seven (7) categories of audiences on the different geographic location of Bangladesh. The result of the study shows that 90.9 percent of audiences are watched private Satellite TV channels. 20.0 percent of audiences are interested to see more TV programs on Indian Bangla channels. 36.0 percent of audiences are more preferred watching news and drama in Bangladeshi TV channels. 40.7 percent of Bangladeshi people are more preferred watching movies on Indian TV channels. It also demonstrations that 27.1 percent of audiences are avoiding the advertising at the time of the telecasting the TV programs, but 46.3 percent of the audiences prefer to see more advertising in the middle of the program. 64.6 percent audience believed that Bangladeshi satellite TV channels broadcast the standard qualities of advertising. This research helps to the program producer to find out; when audiences prefer watching the advertising and which programs are the most preferable for advertising.

Md. Nekmahmud* and Md. Ferdush Rahman

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