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Between Empire and the Civil Nation: a Vector of Russia in Consciousness of the Russian Province Inhabitants


The results of the conducted author's sociological research devoted to modern perception of an image of Russia apperceived by Tyumen citizens are described in the clause. The image of Russia is considered in three basic projections: temporary, civilizational and geopolitical. While analyzing the results of the research the generational approach is used that allows specifying distinctions in answers of the respondents graded to different generations. Four conventional generations are allocated: the Soviet generation, late -Soviet generation (early transitive generation), Post-Soviet transitive generation and stability generation. The growth of traditionalist tendency moods is fixed in all allocated groups. It is paradoxical that on some base parameters «the stability generation» (Putin generation) shows more traditionalism in comparison with the senior generational groups. On the contrary, the most senior «Soviet generation» respondents on a number of key questions showed more modernist position than young respondents.

Gavrilyuk VV*, Malenkov VV, Gavrilyuk TV, Sotkov OL and Golikov IN

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