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Civic and Ethnic Identity of Citizens of Russian Border Regions


This paper is on the development of a theoretically based civic and ethnic identity measure. The article presents the analysis of the parameters of civic and ethnic identity of the inhabitants of six subjects of Russian Federation situated near the state borders: Altai region, Zabaikalye region, Kemerovo region, Omsk region, Orenburg region and Republic of Altai there empirical studies with 2400 participants were carried out. The conclusion is made about the specificity of identity and the inter-ethnic relations of the regions. The boundary regions of Russia have a high national differentiation, thus, peaceful development of all cultures becomes a priority task. This policy would promote the growth of national consciousness, and further the sustainable development of the region. The results of survey show that following factors predetermine self-identification: the origin of man, the history of the region, patriotism, religious beliefs. Despite the cultural differences in regions of Russia, the government aspires to develop cultures of all nations in a multi-ethnic population of the country. The development of national cultures is being supported by governmental programs.

Svetlana Maximova, Oksana Noyanzina*, Daria Omelchenko and Anastasiia Morkovkina

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