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Color Scope Imaginative-Aesthetic Features in Modern Design of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The article analyzes modern design development in Kazakhstan on the example of fashion designers of the XXI century. Attention is paid to the problems of color scope imaginative-aesthetic specificity in essentials’ products that is of great importance in development of author collections of high quality on the world fashion shows nowadays. Attention is also paid to artists’ design color trends in brand clothing development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The article provides an adjective of art appreciation description of Ostwald Wart theory. The article is taking into account the factor that authors’ creative concepts and principles of color use in fashion design are perceived more difficult now in Kazakhstan. Therefore, this study is an attempt to consider the color scope as the basis for fashion design forming based on a multipronged approach by means of general and special methods of scientific research. It makes it possible to full in the gap in modern art history. The authors’ position comes to ideas about what level of fashion collections quality, including color combinations, does not compare with designer’s clothing sketches among the well-known European designers.

Krykbayeva SM, Rakhmetova NB, Zhedelov KO, Serikbai BF, Imankulova LB, Kaldybaev GA and Bakirova LS

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