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Communities’ Participation in Kenya through Community Radio Broadcasting Stations in Kenya on Development: A Critical Review


Communities have resorted to community radio stations as their means of expressing communities’ issues, concerns, cultures and languages. There are more radio stations in the world and more listeners. Any notion that television will outnumber radio is unfounded, for radio has constant expansion. People living in a community have two things in common; cohesion and inclusion. This makes them homogeneous and communication is the only way to establish homogeneity. Discussions on community broadcasting are primarily within media parameters. Local radio stations promote reflection, local identity and character identity. These primordial promotions are key to any community development. Open access to on-air mode creates a way of establishing and examining issues and their solutions to determine development inputs that meets their needs. Community media are diverse on ethnic lines. In order to understand community radio stations embraces information flow, literacy and absorption in all developments and development agenda setting. It will give an overview of the features of community radio similar to other radio broadcastings; an appreciation of its position in the community in addition its revolution in Kenya.  

Nyaruri Paul Okinyi

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