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Comparative Analysis of the Role of the University Ranking Positions under Conditions of Globalization in the Motivation of Prospective Students in 2011-2014


The article describes Russian and foreign universities as subjects of the new trends of global competition and the integration into the world educational space in general, attempts to analyze the influence of the role of universities ranking positions and brand on the psychological aspects of the motivation of prospective students, as well as guidelines for the development of higher education in modern Russia in this context. It is an attempt to analyze the main trends in the development of higher education in modern Russia, aimed at forming a new innovation-oriented person, professional with a wide range of knowledge and skills and with the ability of continuous learning. It is analyzing the reasons, factors and criteria that have a decisive influence on the choice of the university; recent trends in world ranking practice of institutions of higher education, the variability in the concepts and approaches to the interpretation of the goals and objectives of the process. It is described the key mechanisms of formation the favorable information field for working with prospective students, determined the most effective channels and content of communication, opinion leaders, providing one of the determining influence to the choice of the university, a forecast of its kind in the communications policy, with both local prospective students, and prospects for development in the framework of international promotion nationwide trend to improve the quality of Russian higher education and competitiveness of Russian universities among the world's leading research and education centers. The value of research, according to the authors, is in analysis the dynamics of the most current trends in higher education in 2011-2014 years and prospects for further research.

Avralev NV, Rykhtik MI, Baluev DG and Efimova IN

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