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Contributions to peace through professional wrestling: Examining the peacekeeper performances by the gender twisted women of Lucha Libre Femenil


This essay explores how professional women wrestlers from Lucha Libre Femenil actively engage in peacekeeping the global south as gender twisted women. In this federation, they are communicatively able to work toward peace in the public sphere given their performative space in the ring. Performatively, the LLF peacekeeping wrestlers are advocating gender issues relating to economic development, legal reforms, the media, gender stereotypes, peacekeeping non-profit work, local politics, and for a select few, national politics. Struggles and obstacles are presented for the LLF wrestlers in the attempt to continue their peacekeeping activities. Simultaneously their global audience struggles to take notice of their peacekeeping agenda because of the objectified nature of their business.

Dr. Nicholas Zoffel, Sarah McGaffey

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