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Critical Thinking Development in Students During College Education Process


Currently one of the significant issues of education is critical thinking development in prospective specialists in the conditions of professional education. There is a welltimed need in training prospective specialists, who meet the requirements of accelerated economic, social and political modernization, which orients the education system on critical thinking development because modern education has to provide the integration of personality with well-developed understanding of the world and life perspective in the global culture. The ability to think critically becomes one of the main ones in professional education system and allows the college students to navigate quickly and correctly in their future applied activity, to flexibly adapt in the world of business and science and the new system of education and management. Because of this higher education system presents the need of creating the conditions for the development of critical thinking as one of the most significant components in professional competencies structure in the prospective specialists.

Stukalenko NM, Zhakhina BB, Аbuyev KK, Seitkasymov AA and Utegenov MZ

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